Toyota Vehicle Safety
Education Program
sponsored by:
Traffic Injury Resesarch Foundation
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About The Program

Ever wondered why ABS makes the noise that it does? Or how electronic stability control keeps your car on the road if you accidentally take that corner a little too fast?

Studies show that vehicle safety features can prevent crashes and injuries, especially when combined with safe driving practices. However, the majority of Canadian drivers are unfamiliar with newer safety features that are available, how they work, and when they would be useful. is your one-stop-shop to learn about the many vehicle safety features that are rapidly becoming standard on vehicles, and how to maximize the protection they provide by combining them with safe driving behaviours. This new program, launched in January 2013, shares the facts about safety features and safe driving, and tackles the myths and misconceptions about them so that drivers can stay safe on the road. The program is designed to share knowledge about the best ways for drivers to interact with safety features and contains a variety of user-friendly tools, including radio public service announcements, informative posters, fact sheets and question and answer pages.

Keep an eye out for updates to the site and come back often to learn more about your vehicle's safety features.